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Afghanistan Removes from MFC…

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Paigard News Agency
Reporter: Ajmal Omzarzada
November 20, 2022

Canada and the Netherlands, as co-chairs of the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC), give notice that Afghanistan is removed from the coalition.

The two countries said that in consultation with all members and in accordance with the requirements of the World Media Freedom Coalition, it has been decided that Afghanistan will no longer be a member of this coalition.

MFC, with publishing a statement, expressed concerns over media situation in Afghanistan, saying that the media situation in Afghanistan does not match global commitment.

The statement of the MFC states that all the member countries of the coalition are committed to respecting and adhering to global obligations, and if a country refuses to do so, it will be held responsible by all members.

“Since seizing power, the Taliban have imposed serious restrictions on media freedom that have threatened the safety and well-being of journalists and media workers. The continued harassment, attacks, and detention of journalists and exclusion of women from the media have led to a rapid loss of media independence and put journalists’ lives at risk daily”, following the statement.

The statement added that it will “closely monitor the media situation in Afghanistan that have threatened the safety and well-being of journalists and media workers.”.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan became a member of the MFC in January 2020.

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