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37% decrease in rainfall in the country

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While we are in the World Climate Change Week, the National Environmental Protection Agency says that the amount of rainfall in the country has decreased by 37% compared to previous years. Based on the information of this organization, 1,700 people died last year as a result of climate change and floods in the country, and more than 100,000 acres of agricultural land were destroyed. Abdul Salam Haqqani, Deputy Finance and Administration of the National Environmental Protection Department, today, Monday, 16 Oct 2023, in a meeting which was held in Kabul for the purpose of climate change and its consequences on Afghanistan, said that: “Snowfall and rain have decreased by 37% in these years. The decrease of 37% of rainfall has had a great impact on our environment.” Abdulrahim Khoram, administrative director of TLO Institute and the organizer of this conference, said: “Climate change has disrupted the lives of eight billion people on the planet and they faced a problem.” In the meantime, the Office of the United Nations Deputy Mission in Afghanistan says that in recent years, the issue of climate change in Afghanistan has not been taken seriously. Chirti Watson, UNAMA’s head of political affairs for climate change, peace and security, said: “After August 2021 No attention has been paid to the issue of climate change in Afghanistan. Private sectors, including non-governmental organizations, international communities should pay more attention to the issue of climate change; “This topic needs more attention.” At the same time, Raffaella Iodis, the representative of the European Union for Afghanistan, says that the events arising from climate change in Afghanistan are a human disaster that has affected most women. Mrs. Iodis said: “It is clear that the issue of climate change remains a deep and fundamental challenge to the citizens of Afghanistan, especially to the women and children of this country.” It should be noted that in recent years, due to the occurrence of natural disasters caused by climate changes, such as floods and successive droughts, in addition to the loss of life, many financial losses have also been caused to the citizens of Afghanistan.

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